Greenwood Academies Trust


Greenwood Academies Trust

The Greenwood Academies Trust (GAT) is dedicated to enhancing young lives across the East Midlands. We focus on giving every child a real chance to succeed and transform schools in difficulty to ensure positive outcomes and consistently high achievement.

Seathorne Primary School will be joining our other 34 academies in the East Midlands. Our long-term aim is to develop the most successful and innovative group of academies in the country delivering outstanding progress and above average attainment in socially disadvantaged communities.

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A message from our Chief Executive:

Thank you for your interest in working for the Greenwood Academies Trust (GAT).  For anyone looking for a career where you can make a difference, I can assure you that the GAT is the place for you. 

Our academies are led by outstanding Principals. Whilst working to achieve our
organisational core values each Principal is free to develop the curriculum and structures within their own academy to best serve their communities. The GAT does not impose a standard central curriculum or structure. We have created a Trust where each academy can evolve individually, developing best practice that can be shared both within the Trust and more widely meaning that staff can reap the benefits of a collaborative working style. 

I am passionate about ensuring that our staff are involved in the Trust’s future, feel valued and are given opportunities to succeed.  The addition of the Learning Alliance to the Trust has helped to embed a strong culture of learning and development throughout our workforce by providing professional skills and learning opportunities to help staff invest in their futures. 

I look forward to welcoming new staff to the Trust and hope that you can reap the benefits of working for a successful Multi Academy Trust and assist in our mission to inspire and transform the minds of tomorrow!

Wayne Norrie